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Electric Cookers consume large electrical current due to the amount of heat they need to generate. Therefore, whether you want to install a new electric cooker or want repairs for your existing electric cooker, you’ll need a qualified electrician to perform the task without faults.

At Ammteck Repairs, we do the professional installation and repairs of your electric cookers in London with years of experience to guarantee.

Why choose Ammteck Repairs for your Electric Cooker Installation ?

1. Ammteck Repairs have trained and fully qualified engineers who are up to date with current electrical regulations. They can deal with all your issues relating to your electric cooker.

2. Installing electric cookers is a complex job which must be done by a qualified engineer who has experience in cooker installations. The qualified engineers from Ammteck Repairs can come to your home on a call-out and assess the current demand of the new appliance to check whether you need to install a separate circuit and fuse for it. This will avoid any potential accidents from happening.

3. If your old electric cooker needs to be replaced with another electric cooker, this needs a new circuit for safety. Therefore, it is counted as a new install and should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician who has experience in cooker installations. The experienced engineers from Ammteck Repairs can do it for you.

4. We can install your new electric cooker the same day using the existing wiring. This will leave you with less hassle and to start enjoying the new cooker as soon as possible.

5. Our fully trained engineers also do repairs for most brands of electric cookers.

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How We Work ?

• We arrange an appointment with you on a convenient time that suits you once we receive your quote or call.

• Our engineer will call 30 minutes before they arrive so you can be ready.

• Our friendly, reliable and experienced staff will arrive at your place and diagnose the problem. They will do the electrical safety checks and advise on a solution and the price. If that’s agreeable to you, they will as soon as try fixing the problem.

• We charge £30 as diagnostic charges.

• We safely remove your old appliance by following all electric cooker installation regulations and check if your current circuit, fuse, or MCB can meet the energy demand of your new cooker.

• We will install your new appliance at an affordable electric cooker installation cost.

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